La Bella Vita    Pizzeria & Restaurante & Take Away
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Besides the regular menu, we sometimes have special offers or dishes. So visit our website once in a while to see what the special offer(s) is/are. Out of the main season we can offer you something special to eat, for example picanha (Brazilian dish). A nd on special holidays such as Valentine's Day, Day of the Woman, Eastern or Christmas, you will find especially for that day a decorated restaurant with sometimes an appropriate free gift.

Other "specialties" of our restaurant are:
  • homemade desserts and a delicious house wines in different variations
  • you can order food by phone or at the counter in order to take the food back home
  • if you cannot eat your whole meal, please ask for a disposable packaging to take away your leftover's.
  • if you have trouble reading the menu, do not hesitate and ask our for reading glasses
  • practical placemats with a word puzzle on it
  • drawings and crayons for the children
  • ladies - and men's magazines while waiting for your meal or just for reading
  • Cotton candy for special occations
  • Diner voucher as a gift
Rua Vasco da Gama 8
7520 - 437  Porto Covo   -    (Sines) Portugal